Snail Alert 2


Snail Alert 2 is a funny and addictive game in which your objective is to keep a subterranean gallery safe from the evil snails. CONTROLS: MOVEMENT: Cursors PAUSE MENU: Esc RESTART: Restart GAME MECHANICS 1. The player controls a small, water-propelled capsule. 2. This capsule has a limited capacity of water. When it runs out of water, the player needs to reload it at the bottom of the stage. 3. There are five columns that support the subterranean gallery. 4. The evil snails will apear at the bottom of the columns and will try to destroy them by exploding themselfs.


1. Use the arrows to move and shoot water to the snails. Your objective is make them fall into the water. 2. Keep an eye in the tank of water. You need the water to move and shoot. 3. Go down when you need more water. It will reload automatically.



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