pumpkin Shooter


Your a vampiric tank taking your revenge on the evil glowing pumpkin who stole your favorite paper clip,slaughtering all pumpkin in sight using various weapons and drinking the blood of your victims.


Controle Layout: A moves left; D moves right; 1 to change to pistol; 2 to change to shotgun; 3 to change to machine gun; 4 to change to laser; 5 to change to dagger launcher; 6 to change to sniper; 7 to change to rocket launcher; P to pause game, use your stat points gained from leveling up, or submit your highscore (Note:when you submit your highscore the game ends and u start over, so make sure u only submit when your done); the firing button is the left mouse click (Note: holding down the left click will auto fire at the weapons reload speed, if you are to click and release to fire, your weapon will reload instently, allowing you to use any weapon as a simiautomatic-a gun the can fire as fast as u can click-.



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